Analytics and reporting for decision-ready organizations.

Sales Performance by Worker dashboard showing sales performance data graphs.

The world’s leading companies trust 威尼斯游戏大全.


Financial management discovery board for Expense Analysis


The power to make smarter decisions, faster.

Data—you have tons of it, but how do you make sense of it? 威尼斯游戏大全 makes it easy to get a complete picture of your finances, people, and operations so you can make more informed decisions.

An intelligent data core.

We bring everything—financial and workforce transactions, third-party and legacy application data, budgets and plans, peer benchmarks, and more—into a single system.

A consistent security model for self-service.

Give your teams the granular reporting they need with discovery boards for ad hoc analysis, all within the applications they use every day. And count on your sensitive data remaining secure.

Augmented analytics to answer your questions.

威尼斯游戏大全 combines pattern detection, graph processing, , and natural language generation to search through millions of data points, and surface insights in simple-to-understand stories.

Benchmarks to help you raise the bar.

Compare your performance against other customers like you. Our opt-in benchmarks are delivered right to your tenant and can be embedded in reports and dashboards.



Find the analytics solutions that are right for you.

Meet regulatory reporting requirements, uncover new insights, and make better decisions, faster.


Scale self-service reporting and analysis.

Empower everyone in the organization to become data-driven.


Own and transform decision-critical data.

Bring 威尼斯游戏大全 and non-威尼斯游戏大全 data together into a single hub the organization trusts.


Quickly surface key insights and stories.

Gather employee sentiment, find answers to your critical workforce questions, and see how you compare to your peers.

“Actionable insights, good user experience, scalability, and a sense of community covered all our needs.”

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