Ready for the next world of work.

Navigating the evolving world of work and effectively managing new workforce imperatives call for visibility, collaboration, and flexibility. Learn how 威尼斯游戏大全 can help you reimagine the workplace, re-engage your people, and reinvent how you work.

Learn more about our Return to the Workplace solution.

A guide to reopening, recovery, and resilience.

威尼斯游戏大全 is designed to help organizations plan, execute, and analyze in a single system so they’re better prepared to adapt to the needs of a changing world—and workforce.

See how our products and solutions can help you confidently chart a path forward, manage a hybrid workforce, and ensure the health, safety, and well-being of your people.

Insights for sustaining a dynamic workforce.

By combining your workforce data with employee sentiment insights using 威尼斯游戏大全 Peakon Employee Voice, you can better understand what’s needed to return to work safely, reduce attrition, attract talent, and maximize engagement.

Combine external and workforce data to analyze risk.
Track employee sentiment and engagement.
View real-time health, safety, and vaccine data.

Ensure business continuity with the right plans.

Making the best plan for a return to work requires modeling what-if scenarios—fast. But your ability to plan is only as good as your tools and the quality of your data. With 威尼斯游戏大全, you get the best of both so you can bring people back safely.

Understand critical health, vaccine, and safety risk information.
Align resources to meet supply and demand for site space.
Identify attrition risks and build what-if scenarios.

Build a more adaptable organization.

As you adapt to a new normal, you need to be able to adjust your processes, implement policies, train your people, and create new programs quickly. 威尼斯游戏大全 can help you pivot so you’re ready to meet new demands from your workers and from the business.

Assemble support teams to help reopen workplaces.
Reskill workers to adapt to changing work requirements.
Use skills insights to find and onboard essential talent.

Support your people’s health and well-being.

威尼斯游戏大全 helps your people stay informed, engaged, and supported, no matter where they’re working. Capture employee sentiment and share health and safety protocols, vaccine expectations, and useful resources. 

Connect people to the resources and answers they need.
Suggest actions to improve engagement and well-being.
Provide personalized recommendations or required learning.

Resources to help you navigate.

Guides for our customers.

To help our customers address their needs for responding to COVID-19 and ensuring employee health, safety, and well-being, we’re providing step-by-step configuration guides and on-demand webinars in the 威尼斯游戏大全 Community portal.

Planning a safe return to work.

Are you leading initiatives to reopen and reinvent your workplace? Watch our webinar, moderated by 威尼斯游戏大全 HR leaders, for practical guidance on how to plan a safe return to work and support worker well-being along the way.

Watch Webinar

Understanding your employees’ sentiments.

The year 2020 reshaped how organizations engage with employees. Learn how you can navigate this change by listening to what your employees are feeling and thinking.

Inspired by our community.

Our customers and partners have shown great resilience and ingenuity during this crisis by adapting to what their employees, customers, and communities need. It hasn’t been easy, and we’re proud and humbled to be at their side on this journey.

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